I found some merino!

Hi all,

Thanks for all the various pieces of advice on this board (to me and others) that merino is a good choice.

Today I went to my LYS and unhappily explained that I wanted a soft wool yarn, not one that will scratch the skin off (I didn’t really say that but that’s what I tried to convey). My Greek is so bad that I usually just browse on my own. The owner dug out some merino she had in the back in navy blue, dark green, gray, and red. The brand is Alize “Cashmira” in a DK weight.:cheering:

It was a good price, too–one skein was 300 meters and cost 5 Euros (about $7).

One interesting thing about it, though, is that it is multi-plied and knits up like the last picture on this page:knitty.com

Now to frog the two-ton half-finished bulky Besotted scarf, put the yarn away for now, and find another “love” pattern for my mom. :heart:

wow. that IS a good price. i hope you stocked up.
i followed that link, and i think the ply really adds something to the texture, making it more interesting when knitting in a simple stitch pattern. enjoy your new yarn! :mrgreen:

good for you! i really like how the picture shows a unique texture to the stitches. now we must see what you are working on. :wink:

Thanks! It’s the only yarn I have ever used that does this.

I decided to stick with the Besotted pattern, but added another row of the cables to make it wide enough, and am using 4mm needles. I just think that pattern is so cute and different. I wasn’t able to complete but a couple of inches last night. I’ll post a picture when it gets long enough to see. :slight_smile:

Hi’ya Anna! :waving:

I am so happy for you! Glad you finally made that yarn shop lady cough up the good stuff from the back room!

Also, thanks for the knitty link that showed differing plies of yarn and how they knit up and why! That was such an interesting article! I save the whole article to my Knitting Files on my 'puter! Now I know why my single ply yarns knit up kinda “off center” in the st st! Single ply and cable ply yarns are my favorites!

Post us a photo of your completed project in Whatcha Knitting!

PS: you could use the scratchy wool to make a felted Booga Bag! There are tons of felted bag patterns available…so your scratchy wool won’t go to waste!

PPS: I sacked a sweater project just recently!
Why you ask? Because the yarn was [U]scratchy and horrid.[/U]
It is called Jaeger Luxury Tweed. (a blue and white 2 ply)

Nothin’ [I]luxury [/I]about it!

It was inexpensive, got it from Elann.com…never knew it would be icky to touch and knit! But, the yarn will become a Booga Bag!