I found my LYS!

the smell i am talking about was from the paper plants…oy. the first time i went to St. Francesville was with my aunt and uncle who had just taken their Metameucil…i was pretty sure that it was coming from them! :roflhard:

Haha! I lived in Zachary for years, so I know exactly the smell you mean! It’s one of those that after a certain period of time, you build up an immunity to it. I don’t think I ever quite reached that point yet though :lol: I’m not a big fan of BR either. There’s not nearly enough of what really matters (i.e. LYS’s) and waaaaaaay too much of what doesn’t (i.e. expensive shopping and dining…everything wears/eats the same way anyway)

Now that we’ve gotten totally OT! Hehe

I PMed you before I realized there was a second page to this post. Sorry. I still want to know what LYS is in Baton Rouge! I didn’t knit when I lived there, so I have no clue where it could be.

:smiley: um, yeah, what was the topic again???

Crown Zellebach…my dad’s paper place. It was driving me nuts before that I couldn’t think of it.

Went to the LYS yesterday afternoon… :heart: :inlove: :heart: I was in shock! Like the good kind of shock where you stand in one spot and freeze b/c you’re so excited you don’t know where to go or what to do first (i.e. jump in place, shout for joy, run around looking at EVERY thread you can find, etc.) Hehe, yeah, it was like that. I walked in and told the owner…“I’ll be here A LOT!” And they’re having a S&B in 2 weeks! YAY!!!

Awesome! Nothing like a fabulous LYS.

Did you see the “scare your hubby” post? There is a lot of over 1000 skeins of yarn for sale in New Orleans on ebay. So far it’s only $200 (well it really is only, I guess, a 20 cents a skein!)

Oh wow! Yeah, that would scare him! Haha, then he’d burst out laughing. (I guess I shouldn’t have done that to him when he wanted to buy some collectible basketball cards, huh?)