I found an Australian Oddball Blanket!

I was perusing the internet (as usual), and just found a group in Australia that is making two blankets for charity just like us!
:cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Isnt that a pic of OUR blanket on their blog??? Or am I missing something?

Yes it is! :slight_smile:

They even have a link to our Oddball Blanket Blog #1! :cheering:
They say that the photo shows an example of what an oddball blanket looks like. :heart:

We’re contagious!!

How cool is THAT?!:thumbsup:

I just posted a comment on their blog, thanking them for starting up the project in their country.

One day, Oddball Blankets will COVER THE WORLD!! :happydance:

I’m not the Susan mentioned in that blog but yes, good to see. I make scarves for charity and sometimes just leave with someone homeless in the street. I’ve never participated in a project with a group but it’s great to see how organised some of you folk are and how much mutual enjoyment you garner from that activity. Do you know where some of your blankets have ended? (To whom they have gone I mean)

It’s the [U]power[/U] of the Knitting Help Forum members! :thumbsup:

We have not finished any of our blankets yet, and have been considering a few different charities to give them to, including a Rape Crisis Center, a Battered Woman’s Shelter, or a Homeless Shelter. We’ll decide when we get close to finishing one of them.

Thanks Shandeh, might actually be able to be part of this now, without the exorbitant postage costs to the US.

The woman who began this project was my ISE4 pal. I told her about the blankets, and she saw the updates on my blog.

In fact I posted a note in the blanket threads a while back that she was planning on doing this.

She is a WONDERFUL women and so very sweet. She’s planning on starting another blanket as soon as she gets enough knitters.

I THOUGHT I remembered you saying something about it. I just didn’t know if it was the same one, because I found the website one day when I was surfing the net.

So cool that KHers inspired someone from so far away though! Knitter 'round the world unite for charity!

I’ve just emailed to see if I can join in

I’ve been following the oddball progress in this forum and really wanted to join in one and it looks like I can now:cheering:


Cool, Mel! :thumbsup:

I just looked at the Australian Oddball Blanket blog, and their “rug” as they call it is looking BEAUTIFUL!!

Here’s a link to their blog: