I found a whole, now what?

I’m knitting a pair of longies in the round for my dd. I am working the short rows but I’ve looked back to the front side and see a whole. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Well first–

what kind of hole is it?

is it a dropped stitch?
Is it an inadvertant YO?

not sure? count your stitches… one short, a dropped stitch

One to many? a YO.

How to fix.
If it is on the sole, work VERY CAREFULLY

cut a length of yarn–about 18 inches, and thread onto a tapestry needle

carefully weave the tail end of the yarn into the fabric of the sock, (rather than knot it)
then (if a dropped stitch) stick the tapestry needle into the loop from behind. (the sock should be half inside out (so you can work in it, and half right side out (so you can see what you are doing!)

so the tapestry needle is inside the sock, it passes through the loop of the dropped stitch and is on outside of sock.

then holding the needle horizontal (the way a knitting needle is horizontal to work --) go into the stitch above, and back out 2 threads later. (this is a single down up motion, like a running stitch)

then go back into the loop of the dropped stitch.
(HOLE is closed)
(you’ve sort of made a duplicate stitch–)

(you can weave in the tail or make some more duplicate stitches, (to the left, to the bottom, to the right, ) Making a box around the hole (8 or 9 stitches in all! (see the V’s, --the hole will not perfectly line up with row above…


weave in the tail, and cut off any remaining yarn

if you made a yarn over, the process is the same, only you start at the stitch below the hole… (and then work your way round the same way… making duplicate stitches all round.

finally check/correct stitch count and make an increase or decrease someplace where it won’t be obvious.

Thank you, I’m not exactly sure if it’s a yo or dropped stitch. Longies are pants, not socks and the whole is below the waist in the front, about 3 inches down. Will the technique you mentioned work you think?

I think it’s an incomplete stitch, but I am a fairly new knitter so I’m clueless! I looked in my knitting manual and what I’m seeing looks like an incomplete stitch. I’m knitting in the round and am not sure how many stitches there are supposed to be. I will need to do the math from the point of increases to see.

If there’s not a loose loop, then you probably made an extra stitch, not dropped one, and you can take a small piece of the yarn and close up the hole on the inside of them.

I shall do that, Sue. Thanks so much to you and Of Troy!

Joyful Mom: I hate to be a bug about spelling, but you keep on calling your hole a ‘whole’. At first I thought: you found a whole what?..a whole lot of yarn on sale?

but if you mean a hole in your item, it’s not spelled with a ‘w’ in front. Don’t mean to pick on you, but just wanted to stop an avalanche…:muah: