I found a new lys!

And its less than a MILE from my house! :cheering:

Its called Chix With Stix, its in Forest Park, IL on Madison.

They’ve only been open since September 14th.

They carry Berroco, Cascade, Cherry Tree Hill, Lorna’s Laces, Alchemy, Muench, Anny Blatt, and another brand that starts with a C but is not Crystal Palace or Classic Elite. They carry Clovers, Addis, Denises and (what are the gorgeous wood needles that start with L??) Not a whole lot of notions.

CUTE place, owned by a YOUNG woman (in her 30’s), comfy couches in the front, REALLY nice vibe in there…their first class schedule will be mailed out soon, and I fully plan to talk to the owner about our next Illinois get-together after the one in October!


Have I mentioned that my LYS is 30 minutes away? And the next closest is 40 mins away. The next closest to that is 50 MILES away?

That’s all I have to say about that.

:frowning: I pout for you, Sil! :frowning:

I know. It’s sad.

If you feel so bad for me, you could buy me some yarn from your totally nearby LYS. That’ll make me feel better. :mrgreen:

Sounds really nice Kelly!

Forest Park is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from me!

You lucky, lucky, woman! You might as well go ahead and get a part time evening job there…you know you’ll be there all the time, so might as well get paid for it! :wink:

:roflhard: My pooches might object to that!!

Maybe the store needs some greeters??? :roflhard:

People love well behaved dogs hanging out in stores. (I guess that could just be “me” not “people”)

I totally appreciate canine greeters in ANY store! :heart:

i LOVE dogs in stores. Love going to pet smart where people get to bring their dogs to visit. i love dogs and don’t get to live with any since i am gone 14 hours a day. really like snugglin’ up on other people’s dogs a lot.

WOW!! Thats great!! :happydance:

Got me thinking about how close we are to our LYS. We’re probably only 2 1/2 miles away. We :heart: love :heart: our LYS–Knit Your Dreams http://www.knityourdreams.com/index.html. And Becca is wonderful. :cheering: Whenever we need help we just run out. [size=2](I always call first, though)[/size] My DD10 :XX: is always saying “Aren’t you glad we live so close to Becca?”

I’ve only met 2 people in my whole lift that have lives in Quincy… :lol:

Yarn stores and knitters, in general, are just AWESOME. :thumbsup:

Soooo, how many times have you been to your new LYS today??? :thinking:

Quincy is an fantastic community for familes. Moved away for almost 10 yrs, moved back when DS was 6 mos old.

Nope … haven’t been back since the first time. :lol: I have to wait until my Christmas stash is all knitted up! Then, Ill be checkin in for some yarn for the Cozy shawl…

:lol: LYS in Norwegian means Light.
And I read this subject, “found a new light”, and I smile, over and over again! My brain is simple, if a word looks known, it doesnt translate it!

awww well isn’t that how some of us think of our LYSs? :smiley:

I don’t even know where a yarn store is near me. The nearest that I know of is in Sioux City IA, about 90 miles from here. I am so jealous Kelly.


that’s how far the yarn store in Sioux City is from me tooooo! My mother drags me to that store when we go shopping. i have always liked that store for their cross stitch stuff which is what mom goes there for. she is happy that they have yarn there now too so that i am not helping find her projects that she will never get to…lol

honestly i am not a fan of going to the store for yarn because i feel like i always have to buy some because Kathy is excited that i am there to look at her yarns, and mom is excited that she can take me to a yarn store. The thing is that i have 3 great yarn stores here in Omaha and Kathy just doesn’t have enough stock yet since it is so new! thankfully we only go about once every month or two :wink:

heaven knows i don’t need more yarn around here!..lol

i am assuming you are talking about Hands On Needle Shoppe anyway!

:roflhard: That’s FUNNY! Im just imagining that some phrases in english may translate to something like “I keep a goat in my Living Room” in Norwegian!

For the record, Virtuella, it means “Local Yarn Store” to us…

It is!!!