I Found a 1/2 Completed Afghan but No Pattern!

Hi! I haven’t knitted for several years and I was cleaning out a closet and came across my old knitting bag with a half done afghan in it. The problem is there is no pattern with it.

It looks like it’s all knit and purl stitches but, as I said, I haven’t knitted in a very long time. I’d like to finish it if I can. If I post a picture of it, could someone maybe point me in the right direction so I can complete it?

Thank you!


Hi Paula and welcome!
Oh, sure, post a photo. Front and back might help. Here are directions for posting if you need them:
We’ll all be happy to give it a try.

Thank you! Since I made the pic bigger I see mistakes. Oh well…

It looks like 3 ribs between a column of King Charles brocade pattern

After looking up King Charles brocade pattern, I think you are right. Thank you! Now I absolutely have a direction to go. I really appreciate your help!


I knew it had a name! I saw this earlier and planned to look it up later when I had more time, now I don’t need to. :thumbsup:

You are welcome!I have a magazine with a sweater in it made with the King Charles Brocade Stitch pattern so I recognized that stitch.