I forgot to yo on the previous row

:shrug:Is there a way to add in a yo that I forgot on the prev row?

Yes there is!! Just pick up the bar between the stitches where the yo belongs from back to front and work into the front of it. It might be a tad smaller than the other yo’s, but at least it will be there.

yep, i do that all the time.

Yep, me too. I forget YOs pretty regularly.

I’ve managed to pick them up from 2 rows below…


he he, I did one from about 8 rows once, but boy was that tedious!!

Yikes! I bet it was a tight column…


Now that is an understatement :teehee:, it needed a little tweeking, and by the end I wondered why I didn’t just rip, it prolly woulda been quicker!