I FIXED a cable!

I can’t believe it! I’m making this sweater, and I crossed one of my cables the wrong way and didn’t notice till 2 rows later. I actually managed to take those 4 rows down, recross the cable, and take the rows back up without having to frog! :slight_smile:

Great job! Scary huh?

Atta girl! Did you post this sweater a few weeks ago when you were thinking about making it? If so, what yarn did you decide on? (I think there was a thread asking what yarn to make this out of, but I don’t remember who posted it!)

Thanks! Yeah, it was terrifying!
I probably did post it a few weeks ago… I’m using Lamb’s Pride worsted in Victorian Pink. I love the yarn, and the cables are so gorgeous! It’s my first cable project and it’s going faster than I thought it would.

:cheering: Well done!:cheering:

Way to go!

I still have to do that feat. I just tell people its like an Amish quilt. They put in a deliberately noticeable flaw because no human is perfect. So… I tell them… I’m just being perfectly imperfect :wink:

Yay for you!:yay:

:cheering: Good job!

:rofl: I’ve actually used that excuse!

Hooray!!! SO brave!! :cheering:

That is a beautiful sweater, and you must feel like a million bucks having fixed a boo-boo like that. I would!

Great job :thumbsup:

I have used that excuse too, and believe me, if I had noticed it more than 2 rows later, I would have used it again! :slight_smile:

I still consider myself a ‘new’ knitter- I haven’t even been knitting a year yet, so this is a big thing for me. :slight_smile:

I can do a cable but if I make a mistake, I’m not sure I would be able to fix it well. Maybe I’ll get there one day…

Great job, and that’s a beautiful pattern! Please post a pic when you’re through!

MOST impressive!

Wow! I’m impressed - I don’t think I would’ve even attempted that!!! Congrats!!! Now that you know you can fix a cable, you can fix almost anything! … right? LOL

Here is a- how to fix cables-If anyone would like to bookmark it for future references
Good for you for taking the giant step to do cables!!! Not as scary as you thought.