I finished my first sweater

I am pleased as punch that I finished my first sweater. It fits perfectly. I do have some mistakes in it and I have a few stitches that are a little bigger than the ones around them, but overall I am beaming. :slight_smile: I used Caron Simply Soft in country peach and the pattern is St. James
Here are pics:

Now for the bigger stitches. Do you see the stitches that look a little bigger than the ones around them? Do you think that problem will go away the longer I knit? They are really obvious to me when I look in the mirror at the sweater. I probably won’t wear it out in public. I am going to knit another one in chocolate brown. I have only been at it 6 mos.

No! Definitely wear this in public with pride, it looks fabulous. It may not be absolutely perfect but you made it - how many of the people who would see you could say the same?? It is very very pretty - I love the neckline. Well done.


I think it looks beautiful! Don’t be afraid to wear it out in public.

Yes, the more you knit the better you get - just like everything else in life :slight_smile: I think you did a marvelous job for only having been knitting for 6 months though.

It looks fantastic! We are always our own worst critics, but I’d say wear it out proudly! I really can’t see anything that looks larger. Washing may help it, too. Your tension will improve as you knit more.

Looks lovely and fits perfectly!!! Wear it with PRIDE! Great job. :muah:


I agree with everyone else…wear it PROUDLY wherever you want to. That’s quite an accomplishment! Great job! :woot:

I think it is absolute perfection! The color and the knit stitches themselves! A really beautiful work of art! Way to go! :thumbsup:

Wow! Only been knitting for 6 mos? You go girl! It looks FABULOUS! You’d better wear it in public!! I think washing will help the stitches even up, but even if it didn’t you should be very proud of it. :slight_smile: Awesome!

You should wear your first project out in public with pride. After only six months of knitting - - wow!

Great Job and keep knitting! We expect to see more great things from you.

What a great fit! Love the color and the pattern…remember…most people wouldn’t even notice any difference. Knitting tension comes with practice!

Thanks so much everyone for your encouragement. I am going to knit it again in chocolate brown Caron Simply Soft.

It is beautiful! Wear it with joy :cheering:

Wow, this is gorgeous! :yay:

Its neat n wel done …u shud be proud

Definitely wear it! I really can’t see the mistakes! It came out very nicely and fits you to a T :thumbsup:

You did a terrific job, it’s very pretty!

It’s beautiful! Lovely color and a great fit – well done.

You did a wonderful job and what’s so obvious to you is not to me.

Three or four years ago I made a vest for one of my daughters and was less than happy with the result, so much so that I said to myself “I hope she never wears this one in public!” She came to the house wearing the vest a year or so later and I looked at it and said “Wow, whatever made me say I hoped she would never wear it in public”…I no longer saw anything wrong with it!

It’s that perfectionist gene that gets us every time!

Wear it with pride!