I finished my first sweater!

PERFECT SIMPLY PERFECT! Great color and great fit. :cheering:

that looks great and it fits you so well!

Your sweater looks great!. I knitted a skirt for my daughter with KP shine, and yes you can safely wash and dry it. I washed it in cold water and dried it with a low setting - but not completely dry :teehee: . Held up beautifully and I think it was softer after the wash.

Great work!!

WOW! It looks perfect! :muah:

My gosh, it’s beautiful! You should get those other ones done!

love love luv it!!!

Great Job!

looks great! i’m inspired to try knitting a sweater. =)
i really like the v-neck!

Forget my first sweater as that’s long gone, I hope my next sweater looks as good as that one. Congratulations!