I finished my first sweater!

Ok, it’s the fourth one I’ve started but it is the first one that i have finished (so far). :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

It is KP Shine worsted in Terra Cotta and it is very snuggly soft. The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple.

Hey, I have read that you can not only machine wash but also tumble dry garments made of KP Shine. Is that really true? I mean, have any of you done it? I am afraid to be the first one. Maybe I’ll just lay it flat to dry…

Amazing fit!!! Way to go! I hope my first sweater turns out half as nicely.

Wow, that looks fantastic! :cheering: Its a great feeling to wear a sweater you actually knit. (Your’s looks a lot better than my first one. :oops: )

Hey, now that is a very, very pretty sweater.

Wow! It fits you perfectly!!! :notworthy:

That looks GREAT! And it fits you perfectly!
Yarn, color, sizing…Good choices all around! :cheering:

OOOooo… Very niiiiice! :heart: :heart:

Very nice neckline. Nicely done. You have a very nice stitch quality!
Kudos! :cheering:

It looks perfect! Excellent color choice, too. :thumbsup:

Loookin Good :woot:

Wow, thanks everyone! You all are so encouraging! I can’t wait to finish thing so I can show them here! :muah:

Wow! I can’t believe that’s your first sweater…It looks amazing! :notworthy:

Are the patterns free on knitting pure and simple, or do you have to buy them?

You have to buy them. I bought mine at my lys for about 5 dollars.
I like them because all the patterns are very simple, knit in the round, no seaming later! And the instructions are very clear.

:cheering: It looks perfect!

Great fit. Those other sweaters you started must have been good practice, because this one looks beautiful. I love the color.


Thats a very nice sweater. it fits you so well! :cheering:

I couldn’t agree more with everyone else’s comments! What a great looking sweater and I think you did such a fantastic job on the fit (which is to me the hardest part!). Bravo to you! :notworthy:

The sweater looks like something that would hang nicely in my closet!

I’ll have to bookmark this!

GREAT job!!

That looks awesome :star: great color too!!