I finished my first scarf

Yeah! Last night I finally finished my first ever knitting project!

Everything went great. Even the casting off which I had obviously never done before. Then I was left with 1 stitch on the RH needle. I followed the instructions and was told to pull the yarn to tighten the knot…but it started to unravel!!
So it’s ruined. It was that crazy eyelash yarn, i think that’s what it’s called. So I found it impossible to try and undo the damage because I couldn’t see any loops because of the yarn.

Anyway I decided to keep unravelling and to my amazement I got back my 3 balls of yarn, no knots, I didn’t have to cut the yarn.

I’m not too dissapointed. The scarf had holes and dropped stitched, but for my first attempt it wasn’t bad…but I’d never have worn the scarf outside lol

I figure I’ve got my yarn back I can knit it again and this time it will be better.

I thought i’d have been totally distraught if something like that happened, to mess it up on the very last stitch, but I proved that I could do it.

I then decided to cast on some stitches, knit a few rows and to try and cast off again, it ended up like a scarf for a Barbie doll. But this time when I did my casting off, I did it right!!

Woooooo! So i know I can do it. I’m actually quite happy.

It’s almost like I get mroe value for money with my yarn because I can use it again lol.

Anyway just thought I’d share my first every knitting experience

It’s great you have a sense of humour. Good for you commencing something else so quickly :hug:This is the way to prevent that happening again…So, you are almost finished and have one stitch left on the needle, you cut the ball away and there is a little tail of yarn…you pass that through the stitch you have, or you had, on the knitting needle and tighten. That will not come undone. I usually pull the knitting needle up and make that last loop larger and then pass the tail through and tighten that way…or…if you are worried you can always thread the yarn on to a needle and pass it through the loop (between yarn and knitting needle) while it is still on the knitting needle. Once the loop is safely through you can pull the knitting needle away and tighten properly. Then weave ends in.

Yeah I got it right the second time I tried. Just got to pick something new to do now :slight_smile: I’ll maybe leave that scarf for another time lol!

Instead of pulling the tail through the last stitch, I pull the last stitch until the end comes loose and tighten. Good for you having made it through to the the end. Eyelash yarn is so terribly hard to see the stitches on; it’s difficult for even experienced knitters to make sense of where the stitches are sometimes. Your next project will go a lot easier with some smooth yarn, whether it’s acrylic or wool.

I binded off my first scarf on wednesday. It felt great! But I know what you mean about frogging. I have actually taken my scarf apart on purpose because I had dropped stitches and knitted on the wrong side. I went to my LYS and just unraveled it there and Kelly, Kate and I rolled it back into balls. They think it is funny that I can just stand there and watch them pull the whole thing apart and be like, “Oh well.”

Poor little Bug! You have a great attitude :slight_smile:

I would suggest putting the eyelash away for a bit. Cotton, wool or acrylic are much easier to work with at first. You will be amazed at how smoothly your next project goes!

Just keep up the good work!

Yea! :cheering: Good for you! :hug:

Wow! I admire anyone who can work with that eyelash stuff!!! I did about three rows once and took the yarn back! You have patience as a newish knitter, far beyond what I have! What will you work on next, I wonder!? Wanna finish a sock for me? Good effort! Congrats! :heart: samm