I finished my first hat!

in the nick of time too… i got to wear it one week before spring came to sweden. :slight_smile:

I’ve added the pics as attachments. Hope it works to take a look at them!

:slight_smile: I’m really pleased. It took ages since it’s such thin yarn, but… now it’s finally done! It’s nice and warm… and itchy :slight_smile: and it’s my very very own first hat!

Awesome job! I love the yarn and the color. :cheering:

it looks so lovely and cozy! beautiful work! :cheering:

Great job! It does look like it would have taken forever to knit.

Beautiful!!! :heart: :heart:

That’s really nice!

Wow that looks awesome! Nice job :cheering:

Nice hat!!!
No reason why you cant wear it out in spring,i always do

Gorgeous! Nice hat, too.