I finished my cardigan

I am so proud to have finshed this sweater.The fit is great and I luv the yarn. I did it in Plymouth Suri Merino.Check out my blog…A-Wild-Ride.blogspot.com.Now on to the next one…Hmmmmmm! Sissy:woohoo: :knitting:

Looks very nice. Your dog is really cute too.

Looks good!

Lookin good!
Nice work and I just love grey. :thumbsup:

Great job! Where did you get your pattern?

Very pretty! Great color, and the fit is perfect. Nice work.

Beautiful fit, great color, lovely knitting! Congratulations…

Your cardigan turned out very nice. It looks like a very comfortable one to wear.

The purple Sissy is lying on is very becoming. It’s her color!

:happydance: It looks great!!

Absolutely lovely and your cardigan is rather good he he

The pattern is out of Fall 2004 Family Circle Easy Knitting mag.Thanks for all the compliments…Sissy

looks great!

Great job - project to be proud of!

Very good job on the sweater. Looks great! :slight_smile: