I finished! Happy New Year to me!

I typically don’t post finished objects that I make because I’m afraid they won’t measure up to everybody else’s skills, but here goes…

After about three days of doing mostly only crocheting, I finished this skirt last night. It’s from the Caron web site, their “Open Work Skirt” pattern. It’s my first garment ever, whether crocheted or knitted, and I’m so proud!!! I’ve knitted hats, shawls, scarves, legwarmers and handwarmers, but never a skirt, and only started a few rows for a sweater.

The best part about the skirt (besides that its done :wink: )? I was pretty nervous that I’d look very bulky in it because it uses worsted weight yarn and because I felt the fabric crocheted up a bit bulky, but actually, I don’t think it looks too bad on me. It definitely needs a lining, though! :oops: It’s not the greatest picture–there are snowflakes falling that blurred the picture. We’re getting bombed here, and it’s not looking like it’s going to let up anytime soon.

Hope everybody had a fun new years!

That looks great! You did a wonderful job. Congratulations!

Congratulations that is just a beautiful piece of work. You did a marvelous job. Your work definitely “measures up” to the work posted here. You did very well. Keep up the good work!

Wow, that’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing your work, as well as the location of the pattern. I’ve bookmarked it for my own evil purposes later :)!

:rofl: Please post a pic when you make it!

Your work is excellent!! Take pride in what you make and don’t let someone else tell you that it isn’t good because they are just jealous of the fine work you have done.:cheering:

just beautyful! I want one now, but i’m to lazy to sew in a lining, so we’ll see LOL:teehee:

I think your skirt is beautiful. Well done.
As for not being up to scratch with other peoples projects . I think you underestimate yourself. :slight_smile:

Wow!! That’s beautiful. From reading the beginning of your post, I was expecting something all crooked and made in a horrendous color. :ick: NOPE!!! This is just gorgeous!!!:heart: Great job.

Great job, and it sounds like you worked it up quick! – to me anyway!:slight_smile:

and I know what you mean about pics… there are sooo many talented folks here that it can be intimidating… but it looks like you are right there with 'em! I, personally, have never seen anything but praise by everyone here for anything that’s been posted!:thumbsup:

So, I am guessing more garments in your future??

That’s beautiful! :cheering:

that is beautiful … you do great work …
never be afraid to show off your work … its great !!!

Yes–definitely!!! For whatever reason, I’m intimidated to do knitted garments, but not crocheted garments (why would that be?). So I’m ready to plunge right into some new crocheted garment, although I don’t know what it is yet.:teehee:

It looks great! I would count it a job well done, and don’t be afraid to share! You do great work.