I finished a sweater!

It’s a bolero sweater that I’ve been dying to make for months. I made it out of Joann Sensations Licorice, and Brazilia for the trim.

It was my first experience with setting in sleeves. They didn’t come out too bad, but the yarn is forgiving.

It’s on my blog Knitting, Crocheting, and Sewing for Impatient People http://knit-crochet-for-impatient-people.blogspot.com.

Take a peek!



Way to go!!! Great job!!

Love it!!!

Cute! It looks like fun to wear!

Nice! Congrats Carie!


WTG Carie! The colors are great, and you and it look great too!

As for all that spare yarn, you might want to check around the web…I’ve seen a few places asking for spare yarn. Charity and good will project sites usually have requests for spare yarn donations - they aren’t particular about what types either, from what I could tell. A Native American site comes to mind, as well as others. If I recall correctly, one (for profit?) site will even pay you a small amount for whatever you send them. Check around, it won’t take you long to find online takers and worthy causes to donate to.