I finished a scarf!

Now that I’m finished, do I iron my scarf, steam it or what? It still wants to curl up a bit but hopefully a steam iron will help, if that’s okay.

Thanks for all your help.

Yay! :yay:

How you block or wash it depends on the fiber. If it’s acrylic or other washable yarn you can usually machine wash and sometimes dry. Check the yarn label. You may be able to stream out gently, but you can kill acrylic so be careful.

If it’s stockinette it may curl some regardless of what you do.

Thanks! I checked and it’s 100 % acrylic. I have problems with wool being itchy. So I see by the label it’s machine washable and dryable. (why didn’t I look? duh)

Should I wash it before using it? Then maybe lay it out on a towel to dry just to be safe? Can’t wait to start using it, it’s getting cold here in SC.

You don’t have to wash it if you’re cold and need it this afternoon, but some yarn is softer after it’s laundered. When you machine wash, machine dry and it’ll go back to shape better. It may still curl a little or what have you, depending on the stitch pattern. Ironing it is called killing the acrylic, making it less fluffy and more drapey, but that’s not always a bad thing if it sets the stitches in a way you like.

Okay, I just did some research today about acrylics, blocking, and killing acrylics. We new knitters take awhile to learn all the different terms. “Killing acrylics” is a good one! lol

Anyway, I’ve learned that steaming the acrylics is the way to go. No touching, just steaming. So I guess I’ll go that way.


I’ve thrown all my acrylics in the wash and even dryer sometimes. I use a garment bag for loosely knit items. Steam is hot so be careful with that on acrylic as well.

I want to see it.

Steaming can soften acrylics more than just wash/dry will. As an experiment I suggest a swatch of yarn that you steam, then steam some more, then kill on purpose. It’s … what’s the word? … educational. Not to mention kind of fun.

I want to see it too!

Congratulations on finishing it!

You’ve gotten great advice already. As Jan noted, if it’s stockinette stitch (knitting on one side, purling on the other) it will curl regardless of steaming. If you still have problems, let us know, we’re full of ideas.