I finished a little hat for my son

He’s not much of a hat wearer, but lately he’s been running around with Daddy’s hat, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Not to mention, it’s just so dang cold lately! Maybe I can keep it on his head if he plays outside.
So far I’ve only been buying pretty cheap stuff to learn ~ so it’s nothing special ~ but here it is modeled by my oh so handsome son Elijah. :heart:

He looks happy in that hat to me!! Great job!

What a cute hat! I love the colors and the yarn looks fine! I think less expensive yarn is great for kids anyway unless you want it to become an heirloom type thing.

That looks GREAT!!!

He is soooooooooooo cute and the hat is great too :slight_smile:

I love that hat!! It looks great on him. :thumbsup:

Both are adorable!

What a cute hat! It looks wonderful… you did a great job with it.

Cuuuute kid! Nice hat on him too!

Thank you all so much!! You really boost my confidence in kiddo making AND knitting! :wink:

He is too cute in that hat…great job on the hat! He looks like he’s liking wearing it in the photos, perhaps he will learn to love hats :wink:

Look at those eyelashes! :inlove: (cute hat too!) :mrgreen:

VERY cute!!


Gosh, he is a real cutie!!!

Your son is soooo cute! It definately looks like he’ll be wearing that a lot!

Very cute!! (the hat too! :thumbsup: )

he looks like proud wearer, handsome boy you have.

he is a cutie!!! great job on the hat :thumbsup: :cheering: