I finished a green gable too!

I just finished my Green Gable! I love the fit, and it’s a pretty simple pattern. I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Twilight Green. I added some length and increases towards the bottom.

That is a really cute sweater! I love the color!

That looks perfect on you! Great job! :cheering:

So pretty! I love that color!

It’s beautiful, Mer, and it looks fantastic on you. :smiley:

Gorgeous Green Gable!

BTW, my 7-yo DD is a Meredith.

WOW, I really like your Green Gable!! :inlove: The color and the fit are perfect! :thumbsup:

:smiley: You look great! What a perfect fit…stunning, excellent job :thumbsup: I’m gonna have to get the pattern, too…my sister will love it :smiley:

It looks perfect on you! You always do such a great job with the fit of your stuff…might help that you are a great model :wink:

Very nice! It looks great on you!

Great fit! Really great job.

Mama Bear

Lovely sweater! So gorgeous - love the colour and it looks great on you. Wish I could wear one of those but my body shape is just so wrong for that!

That’s beautiful :inlove:

i have the yarn, I have the pattern… i really should start this!!

Beautiful Mer!! As always it fits you perfectly and that color is wonderful on you!

Oh I :heart: :heart: it!!! I HAVE to get that pattern!!! :cheering:

Wonderful job! Aren’t you a smart one?

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

i know i’m chiming in late, but i just saw this and love it! i am about to start it too, and this is great inspiration!

:heart: Great yarn, great color, great work!

Looks amazing on you, congratulations!