I finally had a good idea!

for my dpns. I always have several dpn projects going. I am usually really good about putting the dpns away when I am done with them. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry one day and didn’t put them in the right pocket in my holder. I knitted my size 5 hat with size 7 needles. The dpns all look the same! Sooo, I got out my model paint and painted a stripe around each needle. Now the 5s are blue, the 7s are purple, the 4s are gold, etc. Now I can tell at a glance without looking for my sizer and they are very pretty with the stripes. (Although hubby did want to know why I had 15 needles with purple stripes! :blush: Most of my projects call for the same size needles and it was just easier to have several sets.)

:thumbsup: That’s so clever! Thanks for the tip!

That is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time! Would work for circs, too. A little bit of paint on the cord, and there wouldn’t be anymore of those “uhoh this is the wrong size” moments. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

When I attempted to make my own DPNs, I didnt have several colors, so I used a Sharpee to add stripes to correspond to the size. 3 stripes on 3’s, etc.

Another :figureditout:

This is a great idea, thanks! We’re trying to find a temporary solution to the dpns we’re making, and I think this will do!