I finally got yarn overs!

Hi All. I’ve been on vacation and am just back to my computer. Hope all your holidays were great.

Anyhoo…while on vacation, and being an avid sock knitter, I wanted to knit a pair of socks with a pattern and thought I should attempt yarn overs while I had the time and patience. AND I GOT IT!!! FINALLY!!!:cheering: :yay: Yarn Overs have been the bane of my existence for a while, but I thought that since I love sock knitting that if I tried them in something I like that maybe I’d get the concept and I did! :woot: :woohoo: I made the Monkey Socks and they came out great and are blocking as we speak.

Just thought I’d share. I can stop pestering you all now. :teehee:


Congrats! Sometimes you can try the same thing 16 times with no success, and it just clicks of the 17th try! That’s why we should never be sure we can’t learn something new.

Hi and congrats on getting the Yo’s. I always thought it was so much fun when you finally figure something out on your own. I, myself am trying to make my first doily (just started it today…3 times so far!) The pattern calls for Yo twice-which is easy (I think), but when I work the next row I have too many stitches so now I have to figure out how to work these little buggers. I’m thinking maybe you work one of the loops and let the other on just drop off. I don’t know but if you can help I’d love it!