I finally found you guys

I just took a company sponsored knitting course and I absolutely love it! I would like to start knitting and share it with everyone here. This seem a busy board and I love it !


Welcome to KH!!! :XX:

This is a wonderful forum and website! Welcome! :happydance:

uuuuh…I wanna work there! :thumbsup:

welcome! :waving:

Can you believe we’ve been here all along? :slight_smile:

I :heart: :heart: :heart: this forum and visit all the time.

:waving: Welcome to the forum :waving:

This is THE place to be whether you’re a brand new knitter, or a life-long knitter. :smiley:

You’re in the the IN crowd now! :rofling: :wink:

Wow, I this is in deed a great forum. I will get so addicted soon :inlove:
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome ! I will post a picture of the hat I made from the knitting course when I get a chance. How do I post a photo?

When you go to post a reply, look below the box and you’ll see a place to browse and add an attachment. You can preview it after it’s been loaded to make sure it’s not too big. If it’s really too big you’ll be told that.

:cheering: :cheering: Welcome! That is so cool that you learned through work! This forum IS very addicting. We keep telling Ingrid that she needs to get a speech recognition program so she can knit and “type” at the same time!

:waving: Welcome!! You’ve found THE place to be!! :thumbsup:

Welcome! I’m curious…what kind of workplace offers knitting courses? A craft shop? Michael’s? Lucky YOU!

Welcome! :waving: