I finally finished the clogs

These are for my D.D. Not sure but I think they might of fit me before felting :teehee:. I used ‘nature Spun’ cross country green and ‘cascade220’ straw.
Sorry I forgot, I used ‘Fiber Trends’ pattern.

Those are really cute! She’s going to love them, I’m sure. What pattern did you use?

Thanks, I forgot to add that. I used ‘Fiber Trends’ clog pattern.

They look good. I have that pattern and the yarn but so far still untoched.

They look great! Nice knitting.

Oooh, really cute! I love the green trim :slight_smile: Great job! :woot:

Thanks For the compliments everyone. This is my next pair.
It is ‘cascade 220’ I’ll be making these for me.

me too, I’d like to be able to wear them this winter, but not sure if I’ll get to them. Glad I’m not the only one with the pattern and yarn ready to go.

So cute , I love them

I love the clogs !! I am hoping to get a pair done for my hubby, niece and nephew for Christmas.

They look nice. It looks like everyone in the knitting universe have knit this except for me. I have it on the list, maybe I need to move it up. Great job!!

:heart:Very nice!Great job!:cheering:

Nah, you’re not the only one.

Great job, btw!!!