I finally figured it out!

I know why I was having problems with my Hermione hat that I made a couple of months ago. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I’ve been knitting wrong :oops: :doh: . I think I had knitting dyslexia and was doing things backwards (I had my right needle going into the loop on the left one wrong).
I don’t know what finally made me realise that something didn’t look right when I knit, I think I was looking in a book for something and thought to myself, that doesn’t look like the way I’m doing it. So, then I came on here and watched Amy’s videos and had to re-teach myself all over again, but it was well worth the effort because I’m making the hat again and finally have the zig zag in my pattern looking the way it’s suppose too! :cheering: :happydance:
I have to finish another project my old way because I have way too much done to frog the whole thing, but I’m glad I finally figured things out for future project. :smiley:

Well how about that!! I guess it’s helpful to actually knit with real live people who might spot something like that! So glad you got it figured out!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Yay for you! That’s gratifying, I know, even if it does mean that the first hat doesn’t look like it was supposed to–at least now you know why!

And please don’t be embarrassed–we’ve all had those moments. I’ve knit inside out on dpns, so I can understand why you got turned around!

Yeah, that would have been helpful! The people I knit around, don’t know how too so they wouldn’t have known I was doing anything wrong. :rofling:

you’re SOO not the only one who’s done that… in one shape or form.

i was doin a purl stitch forEVER thinking i LIKE the purl stitch, whats the big deal…why does everyone groan over the purl… yeah HI… i’m no purl girl, i was basically doing a KNIT stitch just wrapping the yarn counterclockwise… yeah EINSTEIN i’m not… (i figured it out when i was trying to do a ribbing & why isnt this lookin right hit me also)

and i also did the inside out thing w/the circulars the first time… DIDNT even know it… till the second time & i read the part about “facing the needles TO you, not away from you”…

hey nothing fell apart (that i know of) so… live & learn & knit :wink:

Ooh Oooh, I did the inside out circular thing too!

I did too
man things a SO MUCH easier now
every once in a while I dp it backwards again (or clockwise rather)
I even get myself messed up with front and back loops sometimes
but at least NOW I recognize the mistakes wehen I make them again (at least after a few Stitches instead of a few INCHES of work)