I finally did it!

Got my license that is…That’s right I am 32 years old and just obtained my first drivers license on Friday. After years of being scared and making excuses I finally decided to be pro active about it and hire someone for private lessons and now it’s official.:woohoo::happydance:I just had to share.


That’s great! Enjoy your freedom.

:yay: :cheering: :woohoo: :muah: Wonderful! Drive safe and drive happy! Just think, you’ll be able to take a leaf-peeping tour in a few weeks!

that is wonderful! congratulations! :yay:

[COLOR=“Red”]Way to go…[/COLOR]:cheering:

My mother was in the fifties before she learned to drive. After that we couldn’t keep her home!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Happy knitting…[/COLOR]:knitting:

I bet you feel as free as the wind now! :cheering:

I do feel pretty free but I am still a little nervous driving alone.