I finally caved

I’ve been debating since the beginning of December…should I get a set of interchangable needles??? :?? Well I just finally broke down and ordered some Options! I’ve read such good things about them from people here that I just had to spend the $$ and buy them…I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get them!!! :woot:


I have been looking at these as well. Mostly because of all the comments here. Did you order anything other than just the basic set?

Is there is anyone out there who wished they would have ordered additional things right at the beginning? If so, what additional pieces?

Thanks for the help!

I ordered one extra set of all the pockets, an extra set of the 24 and 32 inch cables, and an extra set of size 4-8 tips since i do a lot of 2 circ knitting. i am thinking that at some point i may need to order another couple of sets of each of them (because i did have too much work on needles a bit ago and couldn’t start new projects… i decided it was better to just finish the projects :teehee:)

I don’t use the 2 pocket sleeves at all right now. and i probably could have done without all of the cables but i was starting to run out of them it seemed like…lol. I also ordered a set of 9s today because as soon as i didn’t order them, i found i needed them so those are on the way.

(oh and for the record… all work is off the needles so i have no needles out there on the loose right now! :teehee:)

I just ordered the basic set for now…I’m a pretty monogamous knitter (at least for now) so I didn’t feel the need to get extras yet. Maybe once I start to use them I’ll want more.

Congrats on getting the Options. :cheering: I hope yours come soon. I am still wainting for mine. I ordered on Feb 8, they shipped Feb 9. I am in eastern Washington state. I should have paid for expedited shipping I guess. I will be so excited when they finally come.

I ordered the set, the size tags, a couple of the longer cables and the sizer/ruler thingy. Then I went back and ordered the larger sized needle tips and some more pockets. It’s a great set… you’ll want everything that comes with it. :slight_smile: Only thing I don’t have is the 60" cables. Dunno why I haven’t bought them…

Oh, and I’m ordering the classic circulars a few at a time so I’ll have the whole set.

oooh yeah i got the ID tags too and use them to identify the tips in my binder.

I didn’t get the sizer because i have a bunch of them around here but they are specific to the sizes of the options so it might not be a bad investment too!

I knew I could get some great advice here. I will be ordering mine on payday this week!

I ordered the basic set, tips 13, and the next size of cable that doesn’t come with the kit… I have my cables in the 2 pockets, all needles in the trio pockets and use my singles for the dpns… which are great… I have sizes 0-5 right now slowly getting them all… I don’t use 15s or 17s that often so figured I’d get them when I needed them… and I don’t think I’ll need the longer cables haven’t in the past… I was able to order 2 more single packets today so dpns from 0-3 will have their spot… now gotta figure out what to do with others cause they won’t fit in the single pockets…

They are wonderful and for those who haven’t tried the dpns yet… you gotta try them [size=1]brendajos[/size] :happydance:

Do i need to visually remind you of the reason why I don’t need any more DPNs? And this doesn’t even include the ones that were in my purse or that are in my “organizer” caddy (in quotes because there is nothing resembling organization in that caddy!)

:rofl: :roflhard:

umm… where did you find the purple thing… I could use one of those for all my dpns that are not Options… and the options that are to long for the pockets… :teehee:

I’m so in the same boat as you. I have plenty of DPNS. This is why I’m resisting the urge to buy all the KP DPNs… but… but… I’m not making any promises!

This morning on my way to work there was a girl on the bus knitting a scarf with Boye interchangeables. It just made me more excited to get my Options to try them out. I’ve never ordered any knitting related things online so now I know how you all feel when you’re so excited to get a package. Oh my, what am I going to knit with them first??? :??

My moment came when I was trying to make a skirt for my dd – the pattern called for 24 and 16 inch circs in sizes 8 and 6. So there I was with all my circs and none the right size.

I picked out what I thought was closest and did a gauge and got fairly close and cast on the 200 stitches needed and knit away until I realized the thing was GINORMOUS!! Big enough to fit me!

Then I frogged it and realized I would have to go out and either buy the needles I needed and hope I got my gauge with those or break down and get a set of interchangeables. Lucky me. My LYS carries Denises and so I bought them.

I’m so glad I did :cheering:

They are light weight and I like that I can connect 2 cables and get bigger cables and I also like that they start at a size 4 and go all the way to a 15.

I just finished my Noni Adventure Bag and can happily say that I didn’t have to go out and buy yet another circ the right size for that pattern!

Enjoy those interchangeables – they are the greatest!