I finally broke down and ordered them

Yes, thanks to the many enabling threads here at KH, I finally decided to order the Knit Picks Options set.

I have Amy’s colorful Denise set, and I have my fair share of Addi’s, but I could resist no longer. :teehee:

Now to find the patience to wait for them to arrive next week…

Thanks to all of you enablers out there! :muah: I already have the size 0 and 1 KP fixed circulars and they are great. Can’t wait to play with my new ones!

I understand the feeling of not being able to resist, but I very much doubt you’ll be disappointed. It’s a great investment to make, and you won’t really need to buy many more needles, so you don’t have to feel bad about caving in.

I caved in and got the Options about two months ago or so. But yesterday I caved in and ordered the set of all those small dpns for sock knitters… but that was a good decision, right…?

I’m so excited for you to get the amazing Options set!! :woot:

All this talk of Options got me to order them this week too! I can’t wait for them to arrive!

I am sure no one will be disappointed in their OPtions. I have been knitting for 40+ years and the Options are the best allaroung needles I have ever used.

i only have one set of tips and cables and i absolutely L:heart:VE them! in fact, i’m trying to come up with knitting projects that i can use them for instead of all my other needles!! :roflhard: i can’t wait until i can afford more. :drool:

I also ordered the Options because of all the positive things I read from the comments here. I was not disappointed…I love them and it is so nice to have all the sizes. It makes starting a new project all the easier as you have all the needle sizes you need when making and adjusting your gauge swatch. I’m sure you will love your Options too…


[B]You are going to love them!!! :heart::heart: I ordered my set about a month ago and I haven’t used anything else since then.[/B]

I love my options!! It’s about all I knit with now and I used to be a firm bamboo only girl!! I almost need another set because my dd’s borrow them all the time and always seem to have the size I need :slight_smile:

Woo hoo Lisa Kay… :woot::woot:

I love mine. I got mine for Christmas last year from my mom. I am working on getting the larger sizes and more cables.

Good for you - you will love them. I can hardly use anything else now (except my trusty little CP dpns.) Well, once in a while I use my #3 and #4 straights.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

dpn’s? what’s that? :roflhard: i don’t use anything but my options anymore. for small things, i use 2 circs, or magic loop.