I felted my yarn join - and learned a lesson elsewhere

I felted my yarn join last evening on the second Ruwana I am making. Who knew! It looks great :slight_smile:

I also learned that I will knit two sleeves at a time for my next project. I am knitting the second sleeve on my first sweater (pattern written by my LYS) and when I increased the required number of stitches it is still 3" off and I only have three inches to go before the length is done! Ughhh…

Stopping by the store to see what I’m supposed to do now. I so wanted my first sweater to be a success :verysad:

I did my first felted joins recently, as well, and I’m really a fan. :cheering: As for the sleeve, did you try counting rows? Count the rows on the finished sleeve, and place a safety pin or something every ten rows. Then count the rows on the unfinished sleeve to see if you have the same number. That’s the trick I was told to making both sleeves the same when you do them one at a time. Of course, I haven’t made a sweater yet, but I just made a pair of fingerless mittens without a pattern, and that’s what I used to make sure they were the same.

Thanks, I’ll try that :slight_smile: