I felt like the expert!

a girl i know at school learned how to knit a little over a year ago, and one day at school she pulled out her knitting and we started talking a bit about it. and i showed her pictures of the afghan i’ve been working on, and she looked at me with this totally “in awe” look on her face and said, "wait, can you like, [I]purl[/I] and stuff?"
and i looked at her and said, "yeah, of course."
and she started asking me all these questions about knitting and i realized that she only knew how to do a knit stitch. and i explained how all the other cool stitch patterns were just a combination of knit and purl and after i got done rambling she just looked at me and said, "wow, you know so much."
it made me feel so smart for a few minutes because compared to most of you other KHers, i know so little! and i’m still trying to soak up as much knitting knowlege as possible so it made me really happy to hear her say that. :woot:

yeah, I remember when a woman in my knitting group asked me how to do a lifeline, and since one of our amaizing leaders who shall remain nameless had given someone else a thorough tutorial on these forums on how to do just that, i was able to not only show her how to do it, but expplain it and not sound like a blithering idiot. this woman was a bit older than me but she thanked me for my expertese, and asked how long I had been knitting becasue she started later in life (like in her 20s) I blushed and told her I had been knitting about a year
the lady who worked at the store we were meeting at told all of us, that there was not a knitter on the planet that could not teach someone else something new.
Aint it a great feeling when you learn that?:knitting: :woot: :cheering: :yay: :happydance: :woohoo: :knitting: :thumbsup: :muah: :grphug:

ok I will stop now


We knitters are a sharing bunch!:heart:

I think it’s great that, as a group and alone, we can always learn something new and pass it on to someone else.