I feel so dumb

I have been working on a pattern all day… I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. I doubt it is the pattern since it is at a good site… I HAS to be me.

It is in multiplies of 11. First row is good, second fine too. 3 row… NADA! After row 1 I have 10 multiplies. I have restarted about 100 times ( OK maybe like 20). When I continue with the multiplies of 10 the ripple is offset. HOW am I losing a stitch in only 11 stitches.

If someone could try casting on 22 stitches and following the pattern for 3 rows and seeing if they have the same problem I would greatly appreciate it.


Row 1 and all RS rows [B]*K2tog, k 3, k into the (front, back, front)
of the next st, k 3, SKP; repeat from *.

[/B]This should start and finish with a multiple of 11. When it says [I]k into the (front, back, front[/I]) are you making 3 stitches there (1 knit and 2 added)? I overlooked that the first time I read the pattern.

so, you reduce one with the k2tog. then the knit front back front is going ok- making 2 additional stitches there? then the skp is reducing one, right? that should come out fine- then you knit the wrong side, then you start again with the k2tog. To me, it works out fine. (-1, plus 2, -1). are you doing the pattern on both sides? that would make it look uneven. on the wrong side you just knit across all stitches.

I cast on 22 and it’s lining up fine–I agree that possibly you didn’t make 3 out of one, or maybe forgot a k2tog somewhere.

I’d go through stitch by stitch and make sure you did each section correctly. If it’s a missed increase or decrease, you should be able to spot it.

knit front back front LOL you are all right… only knitted in f and b… How could I miss that for hours and hours???


-dumb blonde ( Beverly)

Yay! Mystery solved. Don’t feel dumb… happens to the best of us! :slight_smile: