I feel really stupid

and a little mad as well…I’m making my 3rd pair of socks. Easy ones not lace just plain with self striping yarn. Well I noticed my first sock was really wide where the gusset is. Then I notice the socks I have on have a gusset and the ones I’m knitting don’t…I forgot to do the gusset, I’m almost done with the second sock. :teehee: Now I don’t even want to finish them.

Tube socks?

I say once you frog them, it’s like it never even happened. A clean-slate do-over. More knitting for your money. I’m frogging an entire sock soon because I simply don’t like it. It had lace and repeats and other time-consuming things. I decided I’d rather frog and do something different than make one to match!

Then again, I am so used to messing up and having to frog, I don’t even question it any more. Its a rare project that doesn’t involve a major frog! That probably explains why I never make the same thing twice. By the time I have a tangible FO, I’ve made it several times over, lol.

I think if I frog it I will have to put it away and save it for later. I frogged the first one because I thought a smaller needle would look nicer and it did so this won’t be the first frog…