I feel like a pusher!

:teehee: lately i seem to be finding great deals… and sharing them since i can’t afford to buy!:shifty:
you might remember not too long ago when i was asking for help chosing a red sock yarn. i ended up taking a chance, and buying a yarn i didn’t know exhisted. it’s a beautiful red, deep and almost heathered. I am sure it is dyed and then spun, the red is rich and beautiful! you know those red hunter flannel shirts? the great red? that’s this yarn! the seller is from etsy, Lamzie Divy Woolens. She is located in Widbey Island, Wa, and spins herself.
her sock yarn is sturdy and i did find bits of grasses (btw- i love that. makes me feel closer to the sheepies :heart:) My single skein is 116.7 g (i have a cool digital scale:teehee:)
here is a picture

i am thinking the Tyrolean Stockings in the current IK…now i just need to find my copy and cast on:inlove:

oh, and i only paid $5.99

Thats GORGEOUS yarn!


I just looked at the pattern…OMG, that would be SO pretty with that yarn!

That’s so pretty!!
great price!

I had 2 instant thoughts (btw red is my fave color)
#1 wow that is an amazing red, and in SOCK!

2 holy *** only 5.99?

Poo, stop enabling, I am saving for my trip to Spain w/ Jane!

BAH! what’s $5.99? :teehee: just buy a couple less drinks this week :mrgreen:

yeah, I’m buying some…that is gorgeous!