I feel like a noob... but

Ok, so I am a noob, sorta. But I have been looking at the clogs that everyone is knitting, and I am very interested in them. But I have a bunch of questions…

Are clogs hard to make?

Is there a way to make them slip proof?

Where can I find a pattern?

What kind of yarn is good for them?

I am impressed with the ones I have seen pictures of in blogs. I would love to make some for my family (and me too). :teehee:

Any info would be appreciated.

There’s a whole thread about the FT clogs here . :thumbsup:

Thanks Jenelle. :hug:

No problem! :hug:

I haven’t made the clogs yet (I have the pattern, but I’m too chicken!); as far as slip-proof, I read that fabric paint painted on the bottoms of these can help. :shrug:

Thanks, fabric paint is a great idea. I would have never thought of that.

I’m a bit chicken when it comes to trying new things. :oops: But I know I have to try or I’ll never learn to do it.