I feel like a lazy slob

Is that normal after you have a kid b/c I felt that way w/ my first one too!!! I kept saying that I wasn’t going to be so lazy during this maternity leave…I feel like all I do is, get up and down all night to nurse, get up in the morning, change a diaper, nurse some more, put Aaron down for a nap, jump online and check email and this site, change his diaper, nurse some more, put Aaron in his swing or bouncy seat, knit or check my email, and so on and so forth. I so badly need to clean house but by the time I get done nursing and put him down I try to do something I want to do b/c for most of the day I’m doing what I have to do to take care of him…and then my 4YO comes home and I have to take care of both until dh gets home…

It just seems like it takes forever to do anything and if I try to do it during his nap periods I only get half finished…

Today, I haven’t even gotten out of my bathrobe…

dh says it’s okay but then I look around and see the messy house and the leaves that need burning, etc. etc. and I feel guilty…

That’s totally normal! Please don’t be so hard on yourself! :hug: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Not ever having had a kid myself (wrong plumbing), I do know that my ex experienced the exact same thing after each of my three were born. You body had just gone through quite a trauma and needs time to heal and for the hormones to settle back to normal.

Cut yourself some slack and give your body time to do what it needs to do.

:zombie: Oh my God your day really makes me sound tired! Running after two kids all day? :passedout:

I’m serious, I could never be a mom! You are SOOOO not lazy.

I can’t say I’ve ever had kids and being only 22, I don’t really know anything about giving birth or being a mother. BUT, I can’t imagine that it’s easy to have a newborn and to have to get up constantly during the night. I’m sure you’re exhausted which probably makes it hard to get other things done. I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself, yuo’re doing what you need to do for your child and that’s all that really matters right now. So what if your house if a little messy, when your kids are grown you aren’t going to remember that but you will remember those precious moments you got to spend with them. :muah:

Oh, Christy! You just had a baby. You’re providing him with all his nutrition and taking care of a 4-year-old. The stooooopid housecleaning will wait. Trust me–it doesn’t go anywhere. :teehee:

Cut yourself some slack. Relax and recouperate. Spend your energy on your kids and yourself. Somebody else (hint hint dh) can take care of the cleaning.

Reading your post Cristy… now I feel unbelievably lazy :teehee: I don’t have the energy to do house cleaning either and the only reason I found is because I have a cold. yes yes, just a cold, but it’s really draining my energy. So I have to relax… right??? :teehee:

thanks guys…I needed to hear that…dh tries to clean the house but it just isn’t the same as when I do it, you know?? but I try to be patient and thankful…

I keep telling myself that I’ll be wishing I could be back on the sofa in my bathrobe in a few weeks when I’m back at work so I should just enjoy it…I just feel guilty for some reason. My dad decided to stop by unannounced earlier today after his doctor’s appt–when he rang the doorbell I looked up at the front door and he was peeking in the little sidelights at me and I suddenly felt bad b/c I’m in my robe and there is a half eaten apple beside me along w/ an empty water bottle…I get my need for things to be clean and neat from him so I couldn’t help but wonder what he thought…

I’ll just keep re-reading this thread when I feel bad!

“This too shall pass…”

Here’s something to think about: Real-life lazy people don’t feel lazy. They don’t worry about laziness. They don’t think they are lazy. They don’t see any problem.

You are not lazy. You are successfully making adjustments to the changes that a baby makes to your household! You are taking care of the most important things: your baby.

Next, you are taking care of YOU. Checking email and this Forum is good for YOU. It hooks you up with other people. Knitting relaxes you!

Nothing lasts forever. Your baby will nurse less and less…and before you know it…all your kids are grown and out of the house. I have been down this road 5 times…our five children are now grown, married, and raising their own children! They haven’t taken me to see Dr. Phil yet, so I must have done something right! :teehee:

There will always be time to clean and organize…but the time for raising your little ones is fleeting!

PS: I am still in my jammies, too! Well, this is what I say: who cares? There is no one here to give me a hard time but me…and I won’t! :teehee:

And I will betcha your baby could care less if you are dressed in your jammies or your jeans!

he probably likes my jammies better since they allow quicker access when he’s hungry! LOL!

:hug: :heart: :hug:

You are doing a wonderful job… the house work will wait… and everyone will understand and if they don’t show them the door or the broom :teehee: … I tell ya the internet is what keeps me sane somedays… my family is out of state and we only have one car… I talk to my mom at lunch time and dh a few times during the day… but if I didn’t have my e-mail buddies and this forum I’d go a little crazy only seeing the outside world on grocery shopping days… its good that you take time for yourself… and I know its hard to do that… plus I think Feb. has a way of making everyone feel kinda blahhh… we are ready for spring and to be outdoors… I’m ready to see the sun again… the sun makes me happy :roflhard:

If it makes you feel any better, Cristy, my little one is 3 mos already and my day still sounds like yours. We regularly have"Pajama Days" where me, the 2 yr old and the baby never change out of our PJ’s.

Oh good–well, I feel a little better then. It’s funny…the days that I do have to get dressed (M,T, TH I pick up dd from preschool at 2:30), I try to stay out of the house for as long as possible, even if it means just driving around. Yesterday we went to Starbucks to get dd a hot cocoa and a frappuccino for me…then we just drove through neighborhood I’d never driven through before…

On Saturdays I usually go out and dh stays with the kids… last Saturday I just parked the car and went into every shop on Main St… it was nice to just get out and walk and window shop… then on Sunday the whole family went out for groceries and lunch… it is good to get out… my LYS doesn’t have a knit and sit but they offer classes… dh usually talks me into taking a class or two just to get me out of the house and on my own for awhile… I’m doing a Scarf class this year that is once a month…I could do it on my own but this way I get to knit and chit chat for 3hrs… :happydance:

DH does encourage me to go out, but he leaves for work at 5am and gets home b/w 8:30 and 10pm. All the classes at our LYS’s are during the day, or during the week at night. I feel too selfish payng a sitter so I can get out during the week. Once it warms up again, we can get out for walks again. Cant wait!


My children are 28 months apart. I often looked and felt the part of harried, tired mom. As a matter of fact, I feel that way today since dd just had knee surgery, and I’m her nurse.

Just remember that when you get to heaven, God is NOT going to ask you about how clean your house was (or if you did a better job than dh) or how many days you didn’t get out of your pajamas. Let your maternity leave be “Pajama Day,” as we call it in my house.

Don’t be a perfectionist about the house. It’s just going to get dirty again. Once you can let go of this, you’ll feel SO much better!!!

Take care of yourself and allow yourself the small indulgences you have. You’ll be a much better mom for it.


Believe me, this time (in retrospect) will fly. Think about how fast the time has gone since your 4 y/o was a newborn! I have a 23 y/o and it feels to me like he was born about two years ago. :roflhard:

Have you ever seen this poem?

Rock-a-bye Baby
(by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton
adapted by Wendy Lyn)

Cleaning and scrubbing
can wait 'til tomorrow
For babies grow up,
we’ve learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs,
Dust go to sleep,
I’m rocking my baby
and babies don’t keep.

I guarantee that when your kids are all grown up you’ll never wish that you’d spent time cleaning the house instead of being with them!!! and that will be before you know it. Enjoy them while you can. If you name your dustbunnies, they become pets, and then noone expects you to get rid of them!


Oh Cristy, don’t you worry about your house cleaning. You just take care of yourself and your kids! :hug:
I don’t know what it’s like to be a mom, but I am a pre-school teacher and you should see what I do (or not do) on my day off. :teehee:

As long as you sweep the room with a glance you’ve cleaned it. Right?