I feel a bit alone

…in the chatroom, so who wants to join me? I’m not quite sure how long I’ll be around, I think I’ll fill the waitingtime with some knitting;)

awww…I hope someone got in the chat with you! It was 5am here when you posted. I was trying to sleep–not very well, I should have gotten up to be with you! Hope you got some good knitting done!

i am der right know don’t think you are though!!

LOL, I live in the Netherlands, so I know most of you are sleeping at the moment I’m online. But usually there are some knitters online, so I hoped my message would make them aware I was in the chatroom. Well, it worked. Iwouldratherbeknitting joined me and we had a really nice chat, untill I had to walk the dogs.

Buy the way, I’m in the chatroom again :wink: