I e-mailed knitpicks

I don’t know that this is really a topic of interest for anyone, but I just e-mailed knitpicks and told them I’d love to see a hemp blend or a 100% hemp yarn. It makes such a strong versitile fabric, and it’s great for knitting shopping bags so you don’t clutter your house with plastic bags.

I don’t know, just thought I’d share.

Cool… let us know if you hear back. I’d like them to offer more plant fibers too. I’d love to see a bamboo yarn!

Great! Let us know what happens!

you should e-mail them :teehee:

Oh, and silver…I saw your pics on your site. Very pretty!!!

P.S. I have linked your sock tutorial on my blog, it’s wonderful!!!

Oh yeah, I’m sure that they take interest in all requests for fiber!
AND…it’s so cool, I just saw my fave lys is advertising on this page and about on the forum…RedNeedlesYarns.com…that’s just too cool!

Cool, I just ordered the book “No Sheep For You” http://www.knitpicks.com/No%20Sheep%20for%20You_BD30899.html (first link, so not sure how to just make the words link) from KP… so will be nice to have a source for the different type of yarns that are supposed to be featured. Not that I have started looking yet, but it would make sense for them to offer the yarns… ?? Right?

what is hemp?

Marijuana fiber… :teehee: :teehee:

It’s actually a different strain than the kind you smoke, having virtually no drug effects, and was used for centuries to make rope. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson used to grow it, and it was grown extensively in this country during WW II.


A few resources:
hemp 1
hemp 2
hemp 3 :thumbsup: