I dropped the end stitch about 15 rows ago

Please help! I’m making a poncho. The last stitch on each row alternates between knit & purl (one row knit, the next is purl). I realized today that, when I fixed a stitch about 15 rows ago, I didn’t fix it correctly and this action caused a dropped stitch on the end. Is there any way to fix it without ripping out 15 rows??? I know how to fix a dropped stitch, but not on the end of the row. Normally, you would use a crochet needle to pick up the horizontal “bar” going across, but what do you pick up on the end of the knitting??
Thanks in advance,
Linda in NJ

There really isn’t any way of fixing it the normal way other than ripping back, but if it’s just a cosmetic issue you could make an attempt with a piece of yarn and weave it in at that point. :shrug:

If you have a picture of that area it might help us help you.

I think I’d just sew it down like Jan said.