I dropped one! :(

I’m currently knitting a scarf in two colors for a friend of mine, and I just now realized that I dropped a stitch in a row. The problem is, I’ve already switched colors and it’s far enough back that to frog it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Advice would be great. Should I just rip back and start over again, or is there a way to fix it without taking out about twelve rows?

Well, if it’s only 12 rows I’d probably take it out. Dropping a stitch affects your stitch count and will affect the pattern unless you are just doing stripes. If you aren’t bothered by it you can secure it bring up a few rows then secure it with a safety pin and put a piece of yarn through it and then weave it in later.

Thanks, Jan. I did end up taking out the rows to get to the spot, and I’m now back on track. I think I’m conquering this thing finally, very slowly :slight_smile:

I’m just a beginner and I found when knitting my first jumper that it’s just too easy when you make a mistake to simply toss away what you’ve completed and start all over again.

With my first jumper, I started with ribbing and then went on to a moss-stitch but four times, I threw away several hours of work when I found mistakes.

But, when I discovered I’d reversed three rows - well into the back of the jumper - I refused to begin all over so I ended up unpicking more than 300 stitches.

Well, the back is almost finished and I can assure you I did not make the mistake again. Sure, there were the odd stitches here and there that I had to correct, but from the effort of unpicking, I learned something - i.e. firstly, to be more careful and, importantly, to recognise stitch patterns that guided me along each alternate row.

Would I ever toss anything away again and start all over? No!

Good for both of you for keeping at it. :thumbsup:

Might I suggest a lifeline? Do it when you know there are no mistakes below it and then move it up or add another every 10 rows or so. It takes time, but at least you don’t have to rip out all your work. It’s a hair and project saver! :teehee: