I dropped a stitch, and kept knitting

Without realizing I dropped it. I casted on 30, and now I have 29. How do I get the other back?! Any help would be much appreciated.

If you can see where the dropped stitch is , you can use a crochet hook to retrieve it. I have done that many times with a wrong stitch in a pattern. I knit to the stitch I want to correct, take it off the needle and let it unravel down to where the mistake is and then I use the crochet hook to chain it back into the correct stitch and chain my way back up to the needle. Check the videos on this site for retrieving a dropped stitch.

Do a M1 increase somewhere where it won’t show or affect the pattern.

DO look for that dropped stitch, too. You might be able to bring it up to the needle with a crochet hook. Even if you can’t get it all the way back up to the needle, you will want to find it and tack it down somehow so it doesn’t unravel downward. Of course, if you do get it back up to the needle, yo won’t need to M1 as I said above.

Dropped stitches are the bane of all knitters, finding them is that pain that makes your eye twitch. Especially if you don’t notice it until you’re 30 rows from it (it’s OK to cry, I’ve checked).

If you can find the dropped stitch, simply use a crochet needle to chain it up (on the knit side) and add on to your needle. If you somehow knit or purled two stitches together (it happens to all of us, M1 stitch somewhere inconspicuous.