I Dreamed of

knitting this piece…so beautiful and challenging too …http://www.nordicfiberarts.com/norskstrikkedesign/norskstrikke_lg100.jpg

Holy Moly! :shock: That would be more like a nightmare for me! :teehee: However, I say: Go for it :thumbsup:

OH wow!

I could see ‘dreaming’ about that! :teehee: I couldn’t see me knitting it!

Are you going to try it? :thumbsup:

It IS amazing!!!


That’s a beautiful piece. It looks like most of the detailing is embroidered, so it may not be quite as challenging as you think. I say “Go for it.”

Edit: It occurred to me after I posted that embroidery isn’t necessarily easy, so the challenge is probably still there, just the knitting itself maybe isn’t so hard…