I dreamed of a project

I woke up this fine christmas day and I thought ok I dreamed of a scarf. I wil cast about 250 stitches with worstead wool and then I will add wool to the thread in a few rows and I will have a part felted part non felted scarf. I baught this yarn that was variegated and I have had no idea what to do with it. It was my first yarn purchase just to learn. Everything I have tried iwth it looks terrible. But I have been using wolol for a felted bag. so I am so excited. I hope this works!!!
it is long, very long
merry knitting christmas

I dreamed a project too! Is that typical? I’ve only been knitting for about a year and I can only knit between classes so I don’t have a lot of time.

My dream was a slim fitted sweater. It would be white from the neck to mid-chest and down the arms. A nice green (sage but brighter) would finish the sweater off (hip length) and it would have a scalloped edge. I don’t have a clue how I would make it a reality but I noted it in my journal to keep in mind for the future.

Best wishes,

I know this phenomenon. I have an artisan craft fair coming up in April and I’ve had several dreams about potential projects.

Mel, I suggest you try your sweater project. I’ve learned quite a bit by creating my own patterns from “dream projects”.

I didn’t dream about a project last night but I knitted ALL NIGHT in my sleep–it was like tons and tons of purl stitches in slow motion. I woke up very tired…:frowning:

FK, is that a real bunny in your picture? He/she is very beautiful!

I have so much respect for all of you creative knitters. I am not good at creating things from scratch. I did make one thing from the top of my head for my son, and it worked out. But making a sweater without a pattern, I’d be shakin’ in my boots. Get on with your bad selves! That’s so cool.

Knitting dreams are the best!!! :inlove:
Well, except for the ones where I’m stranded on a tropical island with nothing but my knitting, a mountain of books, a crate of chocolate and a hot spring full of coffee… :drooling: :roflhard:

I did have a bad knitting dream tho - We have this awful technicolor shag rug, and one night I dreamed I was knitting it into the world’s ugliest sweater :? that was not cool…

Thanks for your encouragement MissAbi. You’re right, I would certainly learn a lot. I don’t have a clue how to begin such a project but I love a challenge. If I started this now it would only be my fourth project. I’ve made two scarves of the same pattern and I’m currently working on a sweater. I hope to finish it by next weekend because classes start back on the 17th and I won’t have time to knit for a while. I guess that will give me more time to dream about my sweater.

Thanks to everybody for joining in on that conversation. I’m new to the board (as you can see) and happy to see so much interaction.


Well, I hope you’ve been welcomed properly!!
If not, then welcome! :waving:

Do you mean that you want to have the scarf felted in some spots, but not in others, or were you thinking more along the lines of mixing yarns (wool to felt, and a cotton or synthetic that won’t felt) so that you felt the whole thing and have areas where it remains unfelted?? :thinking:

I have been dreaming about a double-knit hat while walking out in the cold between here and work. I’ve also dreamed of some kind of neckwarmer. And warm fuzzy socks.

I want a knitting dream. All I dream about is crap like getting stuck in the shower with no soap :rollseyes: