I don't want to make socks anymore!

Ok so I bought all that sock yarn from knit picks and have yet to complete one sock not one pair but one sock! I have started and started over a few times and can’t seem to get my groove back now I haven’t lost my desire to knit I have made 2 dishcloths and I am working on my first sophie bag (I will post pics the yarn is soooo pretty and I got 25% off at my lys).What is wrong with me??? :??

Same thing happened to me with my first attempts at socks. I even sold the sock yarn I bought! Then something happened a few months later, I think I read some other conversation about peoples’ sock addictions, and I decided to try them again…SUCCESS! :thumbsup: Maybe socks just arent “in your stars” right now.

Nothing at all is wrong with you. I did the same thing with these clogs I can’t seem to stop knitting. Spring is springing everywhere and maybe it’s telling you to renew too. Try something totally crazy-like not knitting for a full 48 hours and see how you feel then.

I went through a stage when I just didn’t seem to have it in me to knit anything that would require more than a few days to finish. I think that for me, it was Christmas burnout. I made so many gifts for Christmas, including 2 sweaters, followed by my clapotis soon after. So, instead of starting a project that was difficult or lengthy, I knit things for the compassionate knit-along. (items for micro-preemie babies). They only took an hour or two to complete for the most part, and it was gratifying to see that I was completing things. After a while of that, I got the urge to start something new, and am now knitting a cardigan. Maybe you just need a break- nothing wrong with that! :smiley:

Are you doing double pointed needles?? You might want to give magic loop or knitting with 2 circulars a try. It made all the difference for me. Here’s a link with videos if you haven’t already checked them out:

(by the way, there’s NOTHING wrong with you if socks don’t wind up being your ‘thing’, and I’m sure you’d be able to sell or swap your sock yarn no trouble)

there are also books that are based solely on OTHER things you can do with selfstriping sock yarn! I have one of them and i love the book!

it will likely come back. just do other things in the mean time!

When I’m done with all the other “beginners” projects I swear I’m going to make socks. My mother always tells the story of how when she was a little girl she snuck the socks she was making out of her knitting class at school to have her mother turn the heel for her (she found it impossible). Her mother had boasted about what a great knitter she was. When my mother came home with the socks and heels to turn her own mother was horrified and had to finally tell her she’d never knitted in her life :roflhard:

My mother had a neighbour turn the heel for her, and she snuck them back into school and got away with it. She says she has never since nor will she ever try to knit socks again :XX:

Mulene, that’s so funny! :rofling:

I love that story about your mother and her mother who didn’t knit! :smiley: My mum knit socks for my dad all the time. Argyles mostly. In fact I’m using a set of dpns that belonged to her to knit those little sandal socks right now. They’re long needles, though. I’m going to look for wood or bamboo in that size. Blueeyes my dear, I think you have sock anxiety. I go through this sometimes even when just starting something. It’s not like I don’t know how to do it, but something tells me I should worry about not being able to. Anyway, you’ll likely get past it sometime. I’d ignore the yarn and do whatever feels right at the moment. Something will trigger your desire to knit socks again. Truly they are not hard to do. If you can read a pattern you can do them. The pattern just looks hard and people talk about turning the heels all the time. The worst part of that for me is picking up the stitches, and really, how hard it that!? I just don’t like doing it, and feel I could do better. In fact I am improving! I know someone who could take that yarn out of your stash for you, if it’s bothering you too much… :thinking: samm

Thanks everyone for the advice I have made socks before I don’t know what it is now I am going to try the 2 at once pattern I just need to get some more circs every time I go in the yarn store though I come out with more yarn !!! :oops:

:smiley: blueyes…no biggie if you don’t want to knit socks now :wink: Perhaps you will later, perhaps not :wink: Knit what you want to knit & have FUN :wink: You can also knit lots of things with sock yarn, after all…it’s only yarn! Just knit…have FUN :wink: