I dont understand

Hi i have never knitted fair isle from a grid before the grid is 36 stitches and says
stitch 2 to 11 pattern repeat im working over 157 stitches on needle how does that work

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What is the name of your pattern?

Often with a charted pattern you knit the stitches before the repeat, then work the repeat however many times and finish with the stitches after the repeat.

There’s one stitch at the beginning of the chart (bottom right) before the repeat and 2 sts at the left side of the chart after the repeats. The repeat is actually stitch 2-12 (11stitches).
Knit the initial stitch, knit the repeat 14 times then knit 2.

Can you edit your post to delete the instructions please? Use the pencil icon in the lower right of the post. We try not to post large portions of patterns due to copyrights.

That’s a darling pattern. You’ll get it figured out and it will be lovely. salmonmac is so good at explaining things.

I learned chart knitting from salmonmac with help from others. She didn’t tell you that colorwork can be addicting. I must try something like this on a blanket edge or other project. I keep thinking I’ll move on to something else but cast on for another colorwork project.