I don't understand this

Hi! I’m pretty new at crocheting and I wanted to make this nifty looking doily: [I]edit: I had to remove the link because I don’t have enough posts here yet - so just posted this line from the pattern[/I]

Rnd 3) Ch 3, working behind ch 3, dc in last ch 1 space, ch 1; * dc in next dc, working behind last dc, dc in last ch 1 space (counts as a cross stitch), ch 1; repeat from * around; join with a slip st to first dc: 20 Cross sts.

I don’t understand what it is telling me to do for this round. Specifically:

I don’t understand what it means when it says “working behind” the chain 3 or last dc. Working behind? What does that mean?

Also, when it says to work into last dc or last ch1 space, does that mean working back around the other way? And what about when it says working into next dc or ch1 space?

I’m soooo confused.

Am I just trying too difficult a project too soon? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Ok, I think I figured this out on my own. Going off the fact that it mentioned cross-stitches at the end of the directions for that round, I did a google search and found a video tutorial. Since it mentioned working behind, I figured it was talking about back cross stitches rather than front cross stitches. Going off the video I found I’m pretty sure I understand the directions now (ie the working from behind and work the last st and all that). So, I think I’ve got it for now, and sorry if I’ve wasted your time. I’ll post a pic once I’ve finished the project!

Oh yeah, this is the pattern for the doily I’m making:


That’s okay, no post is a waste of time, you’ve given us a link to a pattern in return, and others may have a problem with the same thing, so posting your resolution to it was great.

BTW, it’s not okay to post a whole pattern, but just the row or rows you have trouble with is fine. And welcome!

That is a lovely pattern! Looking forward to seeing your finished doily!


Welcome to KH!

Thanks all!

BTW, is there a specific place to ask for help with crocheting here? Looking at the sticky’d post for this forum I saw it said it was just for patterns but I wasn’t sure if a crochet question was appropriate in the knitting questions forum or not? I felt a little guilty asking for help in this forum but I had seen some other posts here with people asking questions and simply resolved to post the link to the pattern I was using once I could. I can understand that since the website is [I]knitting[/I]help.com that there isn’t nearly as much resources for crocheting, but I just wasn’t sure if there was a more appropriate place to post crochet questions here. (shrug)

Yes, crochet questions are fine anywhere, though there is also a Crochet forum, but you’re not confined to only that one because you crochet. Please don’t feel guilty about asking for help anywhere. If there’s another forum that may be bettter suited for your question, that would be suggested.