I don't understand this pattern


What better place to ask for help with my knitting than KnittingHelp.com!! Glad I found this site.

Here is my question (which, even my mother who is an advanced knitter couldn’t help me with!):

I am knitting this little baby blanket: [B]http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=177[/B] and what has me stuck is this repeating pattern:

1st row: (RS). With A, knit.
2nd row:P1. (MK) 90 times.
3rd row: With MC, knit.
4th row:(MK) 90 times. P1.
These 4 rows form pat.

MK=P2tog without slipping sts off needle, then K2tog
over same sts.

I take it MK means Make Knot? I’m not a loose or tight knitter, somewhere in between…but when I attempt to purl the two stitches together, I have a very hard time getting the needle into the second stitch. My “knots” don’t look like knots (however small they’re supposed to be). The whole thing just looks messy to me.

Also, what is meant by doing the 2nd and 4th rows 90 times? There are 181 stitches…I don’t get it!

This pattern seems tortuous to me yet it’s rated as “easy” by Bernat.

Has someone here ever knitted this pattern and can help me with it? I’m thinking I’ll just forget doing the pattern and replace it with a regular knit/purl and be done with it! :wink:

Thank you very much for any help you all can give me. My mother and I would appreciate it!


With 2nd color you knit row 1 after garter stich rows. Row 2 you p 1, then purl 2 together leave those on left needle and knit them together and move them to right needle, then you p1, then MK in next 2 stitches, continue that pattern across row. Row 3: knit with 1st color. Row 4: p1, MK1 alternating across row. Repeat row 1-4 for entire afghan.

Row 2 starts with p1, then you do the knot 90 times; on row 4, you start with the knot 90 times and end in P1 and that’s your 181 sts.

I’ve been trying this pattern stitch out to see how it works. Sue is right about rows 2 and 4. You are not doing the rows 90 times but doing the knot stitch 90 times on each of these rows. On one you begin with a P1 and on the other you start right off with the knot and then do a P1 at the end of the row. That way the knots are slightly offset and snugged together like peaches packed in a box in rows. The knot stitch uses 2 stitches each time so 90 X 2 sts+ the one purl= 181

You are right this stitch is not for the faint hearted. I didn’t have trouble doing it, but it is very slow and I’m not sure I would slog through it for the effect it makes. I’m not sure why you are having trouble purling the 2 together though. Maybe you knit tighter than you think. :slight_smile:

If you want rows of stripes of two colors there are a lot of things you could do. Doing all garter stitch for two rows of one color and then two rows of another color looks very nice.

I just thought of a site that has three 2 color pattern stitches that are reversible. In other words they look good on both sides (something the Bernat pattern doesn’t do). And one color dominates on one side and the other on the other side, although both colors are on each side.Here is a link to it. The lady had in mind to use them for scarves, but they would work for a blanket and you could do a solid color border if you like, like you have already begun.

The first of these is a simple garter stitch with a bit of a trick thrown in (but not hard)about the way the colors are worked that make it interesting. You might like to check it out and if you don’t want it for this project, maybe you will find a use for it someday. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your help. The pattern is much clearer to me now.

The effect the Bernat pattern gives is nice (if subtle) but it would definitely be a chore to get through.

My mom and I did attempt it again this afternoon and as I watched her, I realized that I do indeed knit tighter than I realized. She didn’t have a hard time purling the 2 stitches together at all.

So, I don’t think I’m going to do this “easy” pattern but will rather attempt the one you suggested, Merigold. I like the look of a garter stitch and the pattern looks easy enough to do. And I like the fact that it looks good on both sides.

Thanks again!

For now, stitch with garter or stockinette st and work on your tension and you may get your stitches looser.