I don't understand this instruction, Help please?

I am trying to make the flower from this pattern: http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/freeKnittingPatternAnnaHat.asp

I am totally lost on the R3 instruction for the flower ( towards the bottom of the page)…drop 1 yo loop? Can any one help me with R3??

Thanks in advance!! :hug:

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In Row two, you were supposed to yarn over [B]twice[/B]. Round three, you’re going to drop one of those yarn over, and knit in the front and back of the remaining one.

In round 2 you are supposed to yarn over twice (wrap the yarn twice around needle); so that will give you two stitches on your needle. In round 3 you will remove [B]one[/B] these stitches from your needle, simply slip one of them off ([B]not[/B] onto your working needle).

Thank You so Much, that makes perfect sense now! :yay: