I don't understand these knitting instructions

I’m knitting a flamingo at the moment with free instructions I found online. Currently I’m working on the body of the flamingo, and I reached a point where I’m not sure what they are asking me to do. If you could word these instructions to me as if you were to explain this to someone who knows NOTHING about knitting, I feel like I’d be able to figure this out.
I put in some of previous instructions in case the context helps. It’s everything after Rnd 4 I don’t understand.

Thanks so much in advance!

Welcome to KH!

Cute idea. Thread the end of yarn left over from the cast on onto a tapestry needle. Weave the yarn through the cast on sts and pull to cinch up the cast on. It’s like closing the top of a knit beanie. You can tie a knot at this point and thread the yarn end through to the inside.
Put the ball into the body through the opening made by the working needles and continue knitting the body.

gotcha. Thanks a ton! :heart: