I don't understand the instructions :(

my instructions say:
[B]beg withe a p row, work in St st [U]for 16 rows[/U] [U]decreasing one st[/U] at each end of[U] 4th and every foll 4th row[/U] ([U]4sts[/U]).[/B]

however, i am starting with 12 sts and i can not understand how these instruction bring me down to 4…
I think i’m loosing it.

You forgot to underline “[B]each end” [/B]because you decrease 2 stitches every 4th row over 16 rows. Starting with 12 sts and decreasing 4 times, 4x2= 8 sts, 12 - 8 = 4.

oooh… now i get it.
feel kinda foolish… lol!
thanks :slight_smile:

Naw it happens a lot - each and every are 2 of the most overlooked words in knitting patterns.