I don't understand my sweater pattern

I’m knitting my first sweater, it’s a cardigan from July’s Creative Knitting.

I’m starting to shape the armholes on the back and here is what the pattern says:
At beg of next 2 rows, bind off 5 sts, then dec 1 st [every RS row] 5 more times.
Work even in St st until armhole measures approx 7 1/2 inches.

I already did the binding off of the first two rows, but I’m not sure I understand the rest of it. I think it means that for the next 10 rows I need to decrease 1 stitch on ever right side row.

But what I’m not sure is do I make the decreases at the beginning of the row? In the middle? Does it even matter?

Also, the pattern says that after shaping the armhole I should have 62 stitches. However, I started with 82, and by my calculations that would mean I should end with 67. Any idea what the miscalculation is?

Decrease 1 stitch [COLOR=“Red”]at the beginning and end [/COLOR]of every right side row 5 times. You will knit even on the wrong side rows. You’ll have a total of 5 decrease and 10 rows when the increases are done.

row 1 RS - dec 1 stitch at each end
row 2 WS - knit even
row 3 RS - dec 1 st at each end
row 4 WS - knit even

That will give you 62 stitches.
Hope this makes sense to you. If not, just ask. :waving:

That makes perfect sense. Thanks.