I don't understand my pattern

I am copying a pattern and don’t understand the last few rows of the right side of body. It is for a Jack Russell Puppy. Here is the part I don’t understand:

Row 19: K3cr, k6bk, k9cr, k8bk, k2cr, k4bk, k2togbk. (33 sts)
Row 20: P2togbk, p4bk (hold 5 sts on spare needle for tail), cast (bind) off 9 sts bk, 7 sts cr, p2cr icos, p3bk, p6cr (hold 11 sts on spare needle for neck).

Row 19 is fine. Then comes row 20: what does icos stand for and does it seem to anyone else that row 20 has more than 33 stitches??? Or am I missing something???

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

The pattern comes from this website if that helps…


Thank You in advance,
Peta xx

icos means ‘including casting off st’. You end row 19 with 33sts and you have a purl 2 together at the beginning of row 20. The bind off is a little unclear but it’s bind off 16sts total: 9bk and 7cr. So you end up with 5sts for the tail, 16 bound off and 11sts for the head.

Post a picture when you finish if you’d like. It would be fun to see this finished Jack Russell.

Thank you so much, now it makes more sense!!!

I will post a picture when I’m done but I will warn you I am a beginner and it may take me a while hahahaha

My last dog was a bit of a disaster, but my dinosaur before that was a hit with my kids and my 2 nephews.

I will have to take some pics and post them on here for all to see.

Thank You once again,

Peta xx